Weapons Of Stress Reduction

This energetic staple of Jordan Friedman’s training programs teaches participants a variety of strategies to prepare for and combat the stress of today’s changing work realities, financial insecurities, challenging relationships and competing work-life responsibilities. Using participant situations and stressors, trainees deploy Stress GPS, Quick Calm, The Mod Squad and more stress-busting tactics to fortify solution generation, team building, the creative process and personal health no matter the sources of their stress.

Training objectives include: Identification of realistic stressors and symptoms and how to immediately address them, learning stress reduction strategies to apply to identified stressors, and formulation of a written stress prevention and management plan for the year following the training.

Peak Performance Under Pressure

Public speaking is feared more than death by most, and interview stress gets in the way of expressing your best self and getting the job. Composed and compelling presentations are key to professional success and provide an unparalleled competitive advantage. Peak Performance Under Pressure teaches participants sure-fire ways to give their audiences what they want, boost speaking confidence and reduce performance anxiety--the three vital ingredients for presentation power.

Training objectives include: Identifying speaking strengths and goals, busting interview and speech stress before you show up, learning how to design key aspects of a presentation for maximum stress reduction and clear message communication, and effective answers for every question.

The Schmooze Cruise (a.k.a Small Talk, Big Deal)

Small talk is a big deal because deals, decisions and introductions are made during events, at the buffet table and even while waiting for the restroom. Many partygoers dread saying hello, soft selling themselves or proposing a meeting to “strangers”, thus missing opportunities to advance themselves, their work and their fellow guests. Partly staged as a reception in progress, The Schmooze Cruise program serves up real-time techniques that de-stress the networking process to maximize its business-building potential.

Training objectives include: Developing emotionally stimulating personal and/or professional tag lines, understanding how to prepare for networking situations, identifying a demonstrable service or skill, and dealing skillfully with common party personalities.

Relaxation’s Greatest Hits

This cool crowd-pleaser is like a day at the beach or spa. It teaches and transports participants with breathing techniques, guided imagery, muscular relaxation, and other methods that produce the same deep states of tranquility as an ocean breeze or soothing massage. The measurable benefits of these classic techniques are immediate, and investing just a few hours to learn them yields a lifetime of payoffs for personal health and professional endeavors.

Training objectives include: Identifying stressors and symptoms that can be helped by the techniques presented, learning the steps for using Quick Calm, Instant Vacation, The Tranquilizer and other exercises, and developing a plan for using one or more of these techniques at home, work and on the streets.

Real Leaders Reduce Stress

The key traits of true leaders are also the essential strategies for successful stress managers: assessment, communication, problem solving, helping and action. Working solo and in groups, program participants learn and apply concrete strategies to strengthen each of these characteristics. Real Leaders Reduce Stress delivers high value to both individuals and their employers by reinforcing important leadership attributes, connecting tested stress management actions to leadership success and providing new approaches to use with teams and projects.

Training objectives include: Understanding the vital connections between effective leadership and wellness, strengthening current leadership traits by learning stress prevention and reduction techniques, generating a personal stress management plan for the year following training, and identifying stress reduction strategies to enhance staff health and workflow.

Stress Coach U (Train-the-Trainer Program)

If you and your colleagues are medical care providers, counselors, teachers, coaches or other helping professionals, and you want to teach your patients, clients and students simple stress reduction and relaxation techniques to complement other treatment and education that you provide, Stress Coach U is for you. This training will enable you to offer accessible techniques that your clients and students can use between or after visits to prevent panic episodes, restore concentration, improve sleep quality and reduce headaches, tension and other stress-fueled symptoms. See the Stress Coach U telecourse for more information.

Training objectives include: Learning the Quick Calm breathing technique, Instant Vacation guided imagery exercise, The Tranquilizer self-muscular relaxation strategy and Meditation Zone practice, understanding how to teach these strategies to clients and students, and learning how to recommend the most appropriate stress management techniques for identified stressors and symptoms.

Stressbusters: The Workshop

Using methods from Jordan Friedman’s acclaimed national Stressbusters training program now at Harvard, St. John’s, the University of Missouri and other schools, this highly interactive session teaches participants the top Stressbusters seated backrub techniques. Attendees learn and practice Bladerunner, Squeezing Lemons and The Texting Treatment along with communication essentials for healthy touch. Touch is increasingly linked to decreases in stress hormones, greater feelings of trust and better performance, making Stressbusters: The Workshop a super-relaxing experience that also strengthens communication, teamwork and output.

Training objectives include: Understanding the health benefits of healthy touch, asking and getting permission to touch others, learning the best pressure, pacing and use of hands, and requesting and providing regular feedback.

The Meditation Advantage

Mention “meditation” and many picture bearded old guys sitting cross-legged and burning incense. In reality, most meditators are CEOs, athletes and others who get balanced, better sleep and less bent out of shape over everyday stressors from brief daily focus on a word or sound. This training teaches participants how to meditate for sharper concentration, recall, problem-solving, creativity and performance under pressure, which are all immensely powerful assets for meditators and their employers in an increasingly competitive and stressful world.

Training objectives include: Understanding how the meditation process works, experiencing a meditation session, choosing a meditation schedule, and identifying motivators for ongoing meditation practice.

speaker programs and workshops

Stress is the #1 complaint of staff and students. Stress is fueling higher healthcare costs, reducing productivity, harming retention and making people sick. Jordan Friedman’s training programs are skill-focused, evidence-based and designed to support your organization’s professional and personal development goals. Program formats and duration are flexible, and offering multiple sessions will provide even more value to your constituents and training budget. All programs include Dot Calm stress monitors for participants, takeaway materials and web tools to reinforce the application of skills learned during training to every day life.

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