meet Jordan Friedman, MPH

Jordan Friedman loves stress and helping people reduce it. He combines his remarkable stress survival story with 20 years of speaking and training experience to motivate and teach audiences to deal productively with challenge, change and crisis. His unique emphasis on practical strategies that simultaneously reduce stress and promote career and academic advancement, resonates with anyone who wants to ace interviews, shine among peers, maximize performance or just feel better.

Jordan is the author of The Stress Manager’s Manual, and you may already know him as a voice of 'Alice,' the first online source of straightforward answers to questions about stress, sex and other wellness topics on Columbia University’s acclaimed Go Ask Alice website. As long time director of Columbia’s health education program, Jordan penned hundreds of Internet and newspaper columns on everything from muscular relaxation to bedtime communication, and he co-authored the popular Go Ask Alice Book Of Answers. His work has been quoted and promoted by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, National Public Radio and O Magazine among others.

Jordan's dedication to sustained stress reduction also drives his Stressbusters campus and workplace wellness program, a continuous outreach magnet that now connects nearly 250,000 students and staff with stress reduction and health promotion resources at Harvard, St. John's, and the University of Missouri among other schools.

Jordan studied Stress Management Education at the University of Maryland, followed by a Master’s degree in Public Health from New York University. When he’s not on the road, Jordan lives, works and manages his own stress in New York City.

Jordan’s less stressed clients and audiences include:

Dow Chemical

New York City Bar Association

MIT’s Sloan School of Business

Ogilvy, Adams & Rinehart

National Society of Hispanic MBAs

Town Sports International

University of Rome


New York City Department of Health

International Association of Business Communicators

Harvard University

Lighthouse International

American Library Association

Johns Hopkins University

New York City Department of Education